We know it’s a huge decision to relocate, therefore to find out more about moving to Jersey, please visit: www.gov.je/LifeEvents/MovingToJersey

What kind of relocation package is available?

We recognise that moving to Jersey can feel like a big change. We aim to make it easier with a relocation package for nurses. This consists of an agreement to cover removals, travel and relocations specialists and a £3,000 lump sum.

What about finding accommodation?

If you and your spouse or partner want to visit Jersey prior to moving over to find a place to live, we can provide funding for flights, transport and accommodation for the visit. We’ll fund up to two nights on a bed and breakfast basis. We will also cover the cost of car hire.

Is it easy to rent or buy a place in Jersey?

As a registered professional you’ll be given ‘licensed’ status. This entitles you to rent or buy any ‘qualified’ housing, provided it’s not restricted to first-time buyers. To buy a property in your own name you’ll need to get a registration card from the Social Security Department, confirming your ‘licensed’ status.

How much does commuting cost in Jersey?

You can park your car for £6.70 per day. Buses cost £2 for any journey. Many of our staff choose to walk or cycle instead.

How much tax will I pay?

Put simply, less than you would on mainland Britain. The maximum rate of income tax in Jersey is 20%, and you may be entitled to reliefs and allowances that reduce your tax bill further.

Will I need to pay National Insurance in Jersey?

You’ll pay 6% of your gross earnings to Social Security. This is called the ‘Primary Contribution.’ We deduct it from your salary. We will also pay 6.5% of your gross earnings to Social Security as a ‘Secondary Contribution’ which is not deducted from your salary.

Is healthcare free in Jersey?

For your first six months here, if you visit a GP or pick up a prescription you’ll need to pay the full cost. After six months you can apply for your Social Security health card. This entitles you to a £20.28 discount off GP fees, and makes most prescriptions free.

What kind of lifestyle can I look forward to in Jersey?

Jersey boasts stunning scenery and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But there’s a lot more to our Island than its natural beauty. You’ll discover a host of unique attractions, great shopping, and fantastic bars and restaurants. There’s plenty to fill your days and nights, and our famously relaxed and welcoming culture makes it easy to dip your toes into all kinds of activities. Discover more at the links below.

Jersey Tourism website
Jersey Heritage website
The National Trust for Jersey website
Jersey Opera House website
Events in Jersey

Is Jersey a good base for travelling home or abroad?

It’s easy to pop back to the UK for a weekend. It’s equally simple to treat yourself to a weekend away in France. By both sea and air, Jersey benefits from easy access to the UK, France and other Channel Islands. Discover more at the links below.

Jersey Airport website
Condor Ferries website

What are my options for childcare in Jersey?

There are plenty of nurseries, registered childminders, pre-schools and nannies on the Island. There are also school holiday clubs and some after-school facilities. Discover more at the link below.

Children and childcare

Is nursery education free in Jersey?

In the academic year before your child starts reception class in school, he or she will be entitled to 20 hours of free nursery education every week during term time. Discover more at the link below.

Free early learning for your child

What are Jersey’s schools like?

Education and standards in primary and secondary schools alike are excellent. Results are similar to the UK’s top performing schools. An education system that’s generally thought of as excellent is just one of many reasons why Jersey can be a fantastic place to bring up children. Discover more at the link below.


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