Living in Jersey

Rediscover life

Jersey is the largest and most southerly of the Channel Islands, covering an area of 45 square miles and with a resident population of just over 100,000. The nearest points of the French coast are Normandy, 14 miles to the East, and Brittany, 20 miles to the South.

Traditionally, Jersey’s economy has been centred on agriculture, fishing and tourism. More recently, it’s finance that dominates, providing around 40% of Gross Value Added. Public Sector business are one of the biggest employers on the island, and with 20% income tax, and no road or council tax, the cost of living is slightly higher but the benefits of island life are far more enriched.



Alongside the iconic Jersey cow, the island boasts a wide range of major agricultural exports from dairy products, market garden crops, flowers and the world-famous Jersey Royal potatoes. Tourism is also a key business for the island, in terms of revenue generated for the economy and the infrastructure. And with regular ferry services and direct flights to and from France and the UK there is never a shortage of holiday goers.

Jersey is a Crown Dependency and is not part of the UK, nor is it a colony, but it owes allegiance to the British Crown. The UK is responsible for Jersey’s defense and international relations.



We know that making a move is always a big thing. And that’s why, from day one, we’re here to support you. With a generous relocation package (up to £8,000) and a close-knit team by your working side, your first steps over will be easy. And, once you’re here you’ll find a community that is built on care. And for families and children, we have a number of great schools both private and state.

Although only 45 square miles, the island is full of things to do, people to see and life to live. With wonderful beaches, vibrant countryside and a wealth of restaurants, you’ll soon feel at home and ready to take on your new adventure and rediscover what it is outside of work that makes you who you are.



As our employee, you’ll be a granted a “licensed” status. And, if you are married, your partner will also automatically be granted the same. If you have a partner but are not married, they will be granted Entitled To Work status, regardless of their career/experience/qualifications.