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On island education (CPD)

As a registered practitioner working in Jersey you’ll enjoy plenty of opportunities to enhance and enrich your career through further learning and development.

Degrees and post registration education

You’ll be able to access a range of undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes. These include:

  • BSc (Hons) Professional Practice
  • MSc Professional Studies
  • MSc Advanced Practice
  • Post Graduate Certificate Advanced Practice
  • Post Graduate Certificate Professional Studies

All of these programmes are awarded by the University of Chester, but they’re delivered on island, by the Higher Education department. You’ll be taught or supervised by Senior Lecturers employed by Health and Social Services.

In addition to pursuing degrees and awards on island, you can choose to access an accreditation of prior learning process.

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Continuing professional development

When it comes to keeping your skills and knowledge sharp, you can make the most of a range of CPD activities. These include:

Acute Life Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment

ALERT is open to all healthcare professionals including nursing staff, operating department practitioners, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists.

Intravenous drug administration

This is available to nursing staff and operating department practitioners (ODPs).

Sepsis training 

All healthcare professionals can complete this certificate, which is valid for one year.

Venous blood sampling and intravenous cannulation

Nursing staff and ODPs have the option to develop these skills.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

We offer a range of CPD sessions throughout the year, every year.

Mentorship education and updates

Every nurse entered onto the NMC register becomes a stage one mentor. When you’re ready to progress to stage two status, our Education Department offers both level 6 and level 7 routes. As with our higher education options, accreditation is through the University of Chester.

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Your options after five years on island

If you’ve lived in Jersey for five years, you’ll be able to access pre-registration nursing and midwifery degree programmes. Provided you meet the academic entry criteria, you can choose from a range of courses. They’re all conferred by the University of Chester.


Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) – Adult Field

This three year, full time degree programme is taught on island, by Senior Lecturers. There’s also support from our own Practice Education Facilitator. The course is 50% theory and 50% practice, and you’ll be expected to complete 2,300 hours over the three years. There is at least one intake of students every year. Future employment is assured.

Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) – Mental Health Field

Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) – Child Field

Midwifery – Bachelor of Science

Each of these three year, full time degree programmes includes an element which is taught off island, at the University of Chester. There will also be practice placements on island. These placements are supported by a Practice Education Facilitator, who is employed by Health and Social Services.

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